Archive of Public Consultations

Over the years, the Center on Policy Attitudes (COPA) has been conducting public consultations before the Program for Public Consultation (PPC) was formally established. Below is a list of examples of public consultations conducted by PIPA and PPC since 1993.

Title Publication Date
Americans on the FY 2019 Federal Budget July 2018
Americans Evaluate Campaign Finance Reform May 2018
Offshore Drilling May 2018
Ground-Level Ozone: Americans on H.R 806 – Ozone Standards Implementation Act of 2017 April 2018
Americans on Solar Panel Tariffs April 2018
Americans on Net Neutrality (Part 2) April 2018
Government Reform: Independents and Third Parties April 2018
The Fair Representation Act: Redistricting By Citizens, Rank-Choice Voting, Multi-Member Districts April 2018
Americans Evaluate Immigration Reform Proposals March 2018
Alexander-Murray Healthcare Bill January 2018
Government Reform: Americans on Lobbying Restrictions and Past Presidents December 2017
Americans on Net Neutrality December 2017
Government Reform: Americans on Allowing Churches and Nonprofits to Engage in Political Activity November 2017
 Americans on Tax Reform November 2017
Americans on Solving the Medicare Shortfall October 2017
Globalization and Trade: A Study of American Attitudes October 2017
 Americans on the American Health Care Act  June 2017
 Americans on Federal Poverty Programs  May 2017
 Americans on the 2018 Federal Budget  May 2017
 Americans on the Iran Nuclear Deal  January 2017
 Voter Anger with Government and the 2016 Election  November 2016
 Americans on Fixing Social Security  October 2016
 Americans on Clean Power  September 2016
Rightsizing Defense March 2016
Creating a Federal Budget for FY2017 February 2016
How Americans Would Fix the U.S. Postal Service November 2015
Assessing the Iran Deal September 2015
Negotiations with Iran: Views from a Red State, a Blue State and a Swing State June 2015
How Oklahomans Would Fix Social Security April 2015
How Virginians Would Fix Social Security April 2015
How Marylanders Would Fix Social Security April 2015
The Ukranian People on the Current Crisis March 2015
Americans on the Iran Nuclear Issue March 2015
Americans on Negotiations with Iran July 2014
A Not So Divided America: Is the Public as Polarized as Congress, or are Red and Blue Districts Pretty Much the Same? July 2014
Is It Really a Third Rail? How the American People Would Reform Social Security February 2014
Israeli and Palestinian Public Opinion on Negotiating a Final Status Peace Agreement December 2013
Consulting the American People on National Defense Spending May 2012
Americans on Israel and the Iranian Nuclear Program: A Study of American Public Opinion March 2012
Consulting the American People on the 2001/2003 Tax Cuts February 2012
Consulting Americans on the Payroll Tax Cut for Employees and Employers December 2011
The American Public on the 9/11 Decade: A Study of American Public Opinion September 2011
Competing Budget Priorities: The Public, The House, The White House March 2011
Battleground or Common Ground? American Public Opinion on Health Care Reform October 2009
Americans on Climate Change June 2004
Americans on Detention, Torture, and the War on Terrorism July 2004
Americans on Foreign Aid and World Hunger February 2001
Americans on Globalization March 2000
Americans on Global Warming December 1998
Americans and Foreign Aid March 1995
Fighting Poverty December 1994
US Public Attitudes on Peacekeeping March 1994